Mechanical Vintage Steampunk Keyboard

Give your workspace a retro touch with the Mechanical Vintage Steampunk Keyboard. It takes inspiration from a typewriter which is visible throughout the backlit keys. In fact, each tap on the mechanical switches gives you a satisfying click just like a vintage typewriter.


The stunning frame is complete with a surface to house the spherical key caps. At the base of the keyboard are the pillars feet so you can easily and effortlessly adjust the height. Each of the keys has full back light illumination so you can see them even in low light. In addition, you can connect using the USB cable. 




Each key has a circular design which is fashioned after classic typewriter keys. These keys are all black with clear lettering. This makes for such a great contrast.



Each key cap is easily removable and under each we will find our switch, which does not look like a mechanical switch, but it is! Typically we see LEDs either above or below the switches. Switches are both clicky and tactile, which is a style I really enjoy. With the key caps removed we can get a better look at the top plate, which looks really good and sturdy!



While there are no extra macro keys on this keyboard the F1-F12 keys have alternate functions. These include Home, My Computer, E-mail, Music, back, forward, play/pause, stop, volume down, volume up, mute, and calculator. To access these alternate functions just hold down the function key and then press the corresponding alternate function button.

If we take a look at the keyboard from the side we can see all of the keys sit at the same angle. By default the keyboard is angled up, if you want to adjust the angle you can by twisting the pillar feet, which extend by about a half inch.

This is one very unique keyboard, just look at it. We published a video of it on our Instagram story the other day and we received multiple messages asking what keyboard it was. If you have this keyboard sitting at your desk, in your office, or even at a LAN party it is going to grab the attention of people walking by. The upgrades from the original version like the zinc alloy frame, genuine leather surface, mechanical key switches, and backlighting having taken this keyboard to the next level! It is really like you have a piece of art sitting on your desk.



I would say the only real drawback to this keyboard is that there is no software. So you cannot reprogram the keys, set up macros, or anything like that. We can’t fault Magicforce that much for not including software as this is not really marketed as a gaming keyboard.

All in all the Mechanical Vintage Steampunk Keyboard is a great keyboard with good value for money!


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