Mini Vacuum USB Laptop Cooler
Mini Vacuum USB Laptop Cooler
Mini Vacuum USB Laptop Cooler
Mini Vacuum USB Laptop Cooler

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Mini Vacuum USB Laptop Cooler

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If you are a Laptop user, then you already know how difficult it is to counter the heat generated by your device, even in a short time. The mini vacuum USB laptop cooler from Perpetua Shop is the best way to handle laptop cooling issues.

Heat poses a great threat to your laptop and if left unattended, can irreversibly damage your laptop. This state-of-the-art laptop cooler works by forcefully extracting hot air and pushing cool air into the laptop's entire internal system. Unlike traditional laptop cooling pads which are usually placed at the bottom, this device is simply affixed to the side of the laptop just like your everyday USB.

The mini vacuum USB laptop cooler is compatible with just about any type of laptop. It is slim and quite handy so you can easily take it around in your laptop bag. Since it is powered by USB during operation, the installation should be a breeze. 

Ease of Use
This device works with a built-in motor that works with high-speed giving it greater airflow and allows the heat to dissipate more easily. Compact, stylish, innovation, quiet design,SUPER for PLAYING GAMES. It allows faster extraction of the hot air out of a running system, which stabilizes the operation of the notebook and prolongs its lifespan.
4 different sizes of clips included for fastening to air outlet with an 
outlet length is less than 9cm, height of less than 1.5cm. Get yours today!



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